Miss Eve

A gorgeous, slender and supple body that far surpasses most cat walk models. And while they escorts themselves, offering a false reality, Milady offers the truth. She does not tease you, like an adolescent teenage girl, from the pages of a glossy magazine; Selling desire but giving nothing. Milady offers herself. She gives of herself… What you see, is what you get: A beautiful, educated and sensual young lady, with the added refinement of a ballet dancer. A highly desirable combination of beauty and culture. With special techniques, schooled in the art of A,DP and more .

Profile created Aug 12 2015
Profile last updated Oct 16 2016 lbs (63 kg)
Gender : Female
Sexual preference : Bi-sexual
Age : 28 years
Ethnic Origin : Caucasian
Hair color : Blonde
Eye color : Green
Hobbies :
Breastcup : Medium (B)
Shaved : Yes
Implants : No
Tattoos : No
Smoke : No
Height : 5’10” (178 – 180cm)
Piercings : No
Body sizes : Slender
Weight : 138 lbs (63 kg)